This That & The Other

Wellness Unwrapped and WholeHearted You Counselling

Genevieve and Karen invite you to join them for a roundtable chat online about the everyday this, that and the other during this time of isolation.

Over the past few weeks, we (Karen from Wellness Unwrapped and Genevieve from WholeHearted You Counselling) have found that getting together online for a chat has been invaluable in helping us to destress, balance and ground ourselves.

Would you love to join a group conversation that offers objective, compassionate support and an opportunity to connect with others in a similar boat?

Genevieve and Karen invite you to come and ‘sit at the table’ with them for informal but guided conversations about the everyday challenges and triumphs that so many of us are experiencing right now. This is a chance to tap into our collective wisdom, support, humour and love of the community around us.

“This, That and The Other” will run once a week online for 4 weeks, starting in the 1st full week of May, and there are 2 groups to choose from: Mondays at 1.30pm – 2.30pm or Tuesdays at 7.30pm – 8.30pm. Both will be small closed groups. Please book through Try Booking, and your ticket will contain your online Chatroom link. Tickets $40 for the 4 weeks.

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