Anxiety – Let’s talk about it

Anxiety has so many forms and so many shapes that for lots of people it can be hard to put your finger on exactly when it began or maybe it’s always been there in some hidden form, yet for others it’s a crystal-clear moment that kneecapped them. I’m in the latter group. It’s an insidious condition that can strip you of self-worth, courage, spontaneity and your sense of ease in the world.

We know so much more about it now than when I first experienced it in the 1980s, thank goodness. Ironically, in this information-rich era you’d think that there should be a decrease in anxiety in the population, yet that is not the case. Perhaps it’s the downfall of this social media era that this complete overload of ‘who you think you should be’ and ‘how you present yourself to the world’ is now one of the main contributing factors for anxiety.

What we do know is that when we come together as a community and talk about our experiences, what works and what doesn’t, we gain a sense of not being alone on our journey and that in itself helps us step back on to the road to recovery. I would also say with some certainty that there is no one way to deal with anxiety; it requires a holistic approach involving the mind, body and spirit as they are synergistically linked to make and operate the best version of you.

On Tuesday, March 2nd, the non-profit The Paperbark Wellness Project is presenting Paperbark Conversations 4 at the Good Egg café in Busselton, around the topic of anxiety. I will be the MC for the evening, and there will be three well-respected local healthcare practitioners on the panel as well as an opportunity to ask questions and share your experience. Please come along and join in the conversation.

Tickets are available HERE


Counselling can help you move away from anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, numbness and isolation towards a future that feels more fulfilling. It can help you find the courage to challenge yourself and to take responsibility for who you are to help you become the best version of you. It can reconnect you to life. Start making the change today. I have sessions available. 0478 628 288