Getting Through These Crazy Covid Times

What do I want from life? What is my purpose?

One of the hallmarks of COVID-19 has been its ability to unsettle even the steadiest of us, leaving us with a sense of heightened uncertainty, a lack of predictability and a threat to our sense of order – three of the core human needs that enable us to live day-to-day without apprehension or worry about our place in the world.

This can spill over into making us question our authenticity, our sense of self and the legitimacy of our relationships and our job.

Counselling can be like having a sounding board to discuss all that’s worrying you, all that you are not comfortable talking to your nearest and dearest about. It is an opportunity to get your thoughts a bit more ordered, to express those fears without your partner or family looking at you like you’ve just run over the cat and perhaps to have someone in your corner whilst you rethink your place in your relationship, your family or your job.

Give me a call if you feel like this is you and you’d like to have a chat about it. Counselling can be one or two sessions if that’s all you need to clear your chest of the weight of staying quiet. 0478 628 288