Genevieve is awesome. I genuinely look forward to our sessions each week. I love how counselling is fun with her, it’s like an adventure of discovery rather than something scary or painful, and that in itself has given me confidence and courage that I don’t have to be scared of myself :) She brings a beautiful warmth and sense of lightness to our work that allows me to find the joy in all the mess and confusion of life. When I’m down she reminds me how to be kind to myself and get back up. And when I’m up we work on developing understanding, how to live intentionally and with compassion, and creating that all-important connection – to myself and others and the world around me. It’s simultaneously grounding and uplifting, which I love because counselling can feel like a trade-off between making yourself feel better and exploring some hard truths. Somehow Genevieve magically makes both happen AND I walk away afterwards feeling like I’ve learned a million things and moved another little bit forward towards where I want to be. I really like how she makes authenticity and connection a core principle of her approach; it’s not something I would have thought to focus on before but it’s probably the thing that has made such a huge and fundamental difference in my life over the past year, and Genevieve is like a Jedi Master at it :) Her wisdom, compassion and sparkle are both a comfort and an inspiration to me and I hope to continue my journey under her guidance for many moons to come.


The past two years of counselling with Genevieve has really helped turn my life around. She has guided me to open up and move forward from a place of fear and confusion to one of clarity and security. Genevieve’s approach is refreshingly frank and sometimes challenging, but she practises this with such compassion and non-judgement that it creates a safe space where I can look at myself and my life honestly and confront the things that are holding me back without being scared of them.

Our sessions go can go to the deepest core of things yet are also often filled with laughter. She has made the process of growth and healing not only valuable but also enjoyable, and that is a rare gift. For anyone looking to foster real change and open up to a wholeheartedly joyful life, I cannot recommend Genevieve highly enough. Dee.


It was without hesitation that I turned to Genevieve again when, for the second time, I found myself struggling and needing help with some issues in my life. I had been counselled by her previously, two years ago, when I was facing some major life choices. Then, she gave me the confidence to find and become the authentic me, whom I had neglected for many years.

Two years on, it wasn’t that all of that work had been undone, but just that some new events in my life had made me lose my way a little and I needed some help to get back on track. Once again, Genevieve has guided me, advised me, challenged me and helped me, with a unique wisdom and compassion, making our sessions thought-provoking and insightful, but with a good dose of humour and fun thrown in too.

Having counselling can seem daunting at first, but I have always felt comfortable in trusting Genevieve with any of my thoughts and feelings, which she has always treated with care and non-judgement. As I am not local to Busselton, I have found it invaluable to be able to meet with Genevieve via Skype, which has always worked well and in no way detracted from the effectiveness of the sessions.

I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new, positive way forward in their life. Ruth.