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About Me

I came to counselling later in my life. This followed a lifetime of trying to strangle the world around me into a shape that I could fit into and make sense of. I collapsed under the weight of the constant disappointment that this kind of expectation leads to.

I found myself sitting in a doctor’s office with an adrenal system in meltdown. The doctor looked at me and asked, “What do you do for fun, to relax?” She might as well have been asking me something in Swahili. It would have made just as much sense.

It felt like a blow to my midriff. I remember sitting there staring at her with my brain desperately searching for something to say, anything, even the tiniest crumb. But I came up empty. I felt quite foolish. The concept of fun and relaxation seemed so far away, so out of reach. I felt so disconnected, from everything and everyone.

So began my journey inwards. In those early days it was all about counselling/psychology and how to become conscious of the impact that my thoughts and beliefs had on my behaviour and therefore on my day-to-day life.

But as time went on, and with the good fortune of drawing more holistic and spiritual counsellors and healers into my life, I gained a growing sense of who I was and what my place in the world was. This in turn allowed my natural intuitive self to emerge.

This strong, growing connection to myself and the energetic world was soon felt by others and, despite my initial resistance, it became clear to me that this was the road I had to go down.

But first I needed to get a university degree in counselling to ground myself in the practical world we live in and to gain an invaluable insight into how the medical world deals with mental health.

I then spent 10 years working in the addictions field before setting up a private practice, first in Fremantle and now in Busselton.

I had had a mixed childhood, with the freedom of a sheep station in the outback of Australia and the confines of a Catholic boarding school in Perth from the age of eight. Two very different worlds, both leaving an indelible imprint on the makeup of who I was to become.

The first one anchored me to the land and nature, which has become my greatest confidant and healer, and the second one anchored me to the notion that I would never be enough, which has been my biggest burden and ironically my greatest motivator.

Though that motivation got transmuted into all kinds of behaviour along the way, I always knew that at my core I WAS ENOUGH. I just needed to find what it was that I was enough at!

So, the journey began and along the way my experiences became my teacher and my guide, forever moving me forward, edging me closer to my truth. They helped me to reconnect with my mind, body and spirit, and gently allowed me to find my inner self.

I now use everything I have learnt to inspire others as they too step out on their own journeys of self-discovery.

Genevieve Morrissey